Our Story


A Note from the Owner

Many people ask me why I opened a pet boutique. I have always wanted to have my own shop. I had a pink cash register when I was young. I loved to play store with anyone who would join me. Although faded, the cash register has survived all these years. 

I have always loved animals. However, they became my passion when Buddy happened to me. I can't say how much I loved that dog. He truly was a love and I cherish every moment I had with him. It seemed fitting to combine my dream with my love of Buddy.

My Other


The Buddy Loft originally opened on November 1, 2013, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This specialty shop, for pets and their people, is named after Buddy, the Basset Hound. Buddy found Amy, the owner, in the summer of 2011. In the end, they rescued each other. 

Buddy loved to hop and twirl, and he loved people. He also loved the Burbank Cane's dog park; stopping for anyone who took the time to give him some attention. Since people called him Buddy by default, he thought everyone knew him and wanted to be his friend. 

Buddy is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on at the Buddy Loft.

The Buddy Loft offers pet supplies for cats and dogs, along with animal-related items for the humans. This is the pet shop where you can pamper your pet and yourself!